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Heavy Duty Castors Wheel Range

Theheavy duty castors wheelare the ones which are made with the aim to provide portability to heavy duty objects. We can supply the heavy duty castors wheel in a wide range of designs where we make sure that the best quality casters are offered to the customer. These castors are available in different designs and have different weight capacities.

We offer theheavy duty castors wheel range in different varieties where you may choose from the super heavy weight castors to carry huge sized objects while the super heavy twin wheel casters are ideal for getting casters with added-strength. The heavy duty fabricated caster twin wheel is also offered which can be used by the customer to attach to such items which doesn’t need to be moved in all places.

Different kind of heavy duty castors wheel are available from us where you may choose from swivel heavy duty castors wheel range or the fixed fabricated heavy duty castors range. We also offer the castors with brakes which can be used to lock the objects from moving.