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Heavy Duty Castor Wheel Nylon Centre Polyurethane Tyred Rated 800kg Casters Range

The heavy duty castor wheel nylon centre polyurethane tyre, as the name suggests, are those kind of castors which are made with the aim to provide you with durable and long lasting casters. The heavy duty castor wheel nylon centre polyurethane tyred rated 800KG casters range can hold upto 800KG of weight without losing shape or getting damaged.

You can choose the heavy duty castor wheel nylon centretyre in different styles where you may choose from the swivel and fixed castors. The swivel heavy duty casters lets you get the ability to move the objects from one place to another while the swivel castors with brakes lets you stop the castors from moving.

Our supplied heavy duty castor wheel nylongcentre polyurethane tyred rated 800kb casters range is usually made from nylon material where the wheels are made from nylon materials which is light weight but, durable enough to be able to handle heavy weights. The frames of these casters are made from heavy duty materials like steel and metal to make sure that the casters can hold heavy weights without bending.

  1. Price: £57.95 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Price: £59.33 (Excl. VAT)

  3. Price: £75.89 (Excl. VAT)