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Polyurethane Tyre Casters Wheel Nylon Centre Wheel Castor

Polyurethane tyre casters wheel nylon centre wheel castor, as the name suggestsare those castor wheels which are made from special polyurethane material which lets you move the objects while providing the ability move the objects from one place to another. The polyurethane tyre casters are made from such materials which can carry heavy weights without getting damaged.

We offer the polyurethane tyre casters in different styles where you may choose from stainless steel heavy duty fixed castors which can be used below those kind of objects which are to be moved in only one direction. The polyurethane tyre casters are also offered with swivel tops which can be attached to any object which need to be moved from one place to another. We also offer the polyurethane casters wheel with brakes which are used to provide the ability to stop the casters from moving.

Our customers can choose the polyurethane tyre casters wheel in a variety of materials where the wheels might be made from high quality polyurethane material to get durable and long lasting castors where their central base is made from high quality nylon material. The frames of these castors are usually made from stainless steel materials which is long lasting and won’t get corroded.

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