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Institutional Castor Wheels

The institutional castor wheels being offered by us are made specifically for usage in different institutes including the medical and educational institutes. These castors look like regular castors but, they have special design which makes them unique.

The quality institutional castor wheels are usually made from plastic materials which is durable and light weight which can be attached to any surface but, the heavy duty institutional castor wheels might also be made from steel which makes them to have extra tough. The frames of the castors are usually made from steel which is long lasting and durable enough to withstand heavy weights and it also doesn’t catch any rust. The plastic frames are also offered for the furniture castors which are not only durable but, also good looking.

We can supply the best institutional castor wheels to our customers where the most commonly used ones are made from materials like plastic and steel. The quality institutional castor wheels are also made from steel materials where rubber coating is added on top of them for smooth movements. We are the Institutional Castor Wheels UK supplier in the United Kingdom who can supply the castors at reasonable rates.

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