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We are the premium wheel supplier who offer the wheels for usage on different kind of products while giving them the ability move the objects in any direction. The wheels and tires are used in almost all kind of objects which need to be moved from one place to another. We offer the wheels in different sizes and weight capabilities.

Our customers can choose from a variety of wheels where the most commonly used ones include the castor wheels which are inserted in frames to allow them to be attached to the surface of the objects. We also offer the temperature caster resistant castors wheels which are ideal for usage at places where the temperature is expected to get high and these temperature resistant castors are made from hard materials which makes them tough as compared to regular wheels.

The wheels are available in different sizes where our customers can also choose the custom wheels to get their desired kind of sizes for your items. You can also choose from the pre-selected sizes for your wheels to use for the items. Different materials are available for the wheels including the steel wheels which can carry heavy weights without getting damaged.

  • Castor Wheels

    Castor wheels, as the name suggests are those kind wheels which are used in the castors and they are usually pl

  • Temperature Caster Resistant Castors Wheels

    Temperature caster resistant castors wheels, as the name suggests, are those kind of castor wheels which can be used at places where the hig

  • Caster Wheels

    Caster wheels of good quality for the trolleys are a must have part which are required for the smooths movement and th